Alignment to the National Development Plan



Alignment to the National Development Plan

The SDF has purposively left the decision on which areas to support with stakeholders in Somaliland. The Fund has not earmarked or ring fenced support to a specific sector (a weakness cited in previous Multi Donor Trust Funds), but instead endowed Ministries, the National Planning Commission (NPC) and the SDF Joint Steering Committee with the decision-making power over where and how much to disperse resources. Since the set-up of the Fund, a rigorous prioritisation process to identify and agree upon projects for SDF support has been undertaken.

The NDP has 5 pillars, 35 sectors, 377 programmes and 809 expected outputs. However, with limited SDF financing and needs applying in a simultaneous and competing way, there is need to objectively prioritize how resources will be spent in an equitable and sustainable way.

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