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New Danish Ambassador pays first visit to SDF-funded Borama Urban Water Improvement Project

30 January 2023

The Denmark Ambassador to Somalia, Steen Sonne Andersen, paid his first visit to the Borama Urban Water Improvement Project. This project is implemented by the Ministry of Water Resource Development (MoWRD) and funded by the Somaliland Development Fund (SDF). The SDF is supported by the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Norway. The Ambassador was accompanied by H.E. Dr. Ahmed Adan Buhane, Minister of Planning and National Development, and several other high-ranking government officials, including the Governor of Awdal.

Danish Ambassador visit PM Ahmed Dirir briefing

Since 2013, Denmark has been assisting the Government of Somaliland in delivering development projects in Somaliland through the SDF. The Borama Urban Water Improvement Project is expected to make a significant difference in the lives of Borama residents. The improvement of the water system involves equipping and connecting the three boreholes in the Afraaga area through 19 km of pipelines to the existing water system, as well as the construction of two 500,000-liter water tanks. The project, which is expected to be completed in March 2023 will provide water for an additional 76,000 people in Borama.

The purpose of the visit was for the Ambassador to get acquainted with how SDF works on the ground in delivering projects as well as to observe the progress made on this important project. During the visit, the Ambassador and his delegation toured the various project sites including the new modern water pumping/booster station, water reservoirs/tanks, boreholes, guest houses, and offices. He also visited the SHABA office, the local public-private partnership that manages Borama water.

Danish Ambassador Visit drone

Danish Ambassador Visit tanks

At the project site, he was briefed by Ahmed Abdilahi, the MoWRD Project Manager, about the status of the water project. In his presentation, the Project Manager stated that "the boreholes are already connected to the system, the construction of the booster station is complete, the water tanks and 19 km pipelaying is complete. We are only waiting for the electro-mechanical supplies, of which some parts are already in the country. This means the project is 92% finished. We hope to have the system fully operational by end of March of this year”. 

In his remarks, the Ambassador said: "I am very pleased with Denmark's long collaboration with Somaliland. I came to observe the water investments in Borama and see its progress. I'm also delighted to be here with SDF, of which Denmark is a major supporter and donor. I am very impressed with the work I have seen here."

Danish Ambassador Visit pic 1

In his statement, the Minister of Planning and National Development who accompanied the Ambassador thanked Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, and Norway for their long-term support to the people of Somaliland and funding to this project in Borama.