Project overview




The SDF Joint Steering Committee approved USD 59 million funding of projects for the first phase. Allocations for the second phase are ongoing.

- SDF1 project locations

 A summary of SDF1 allocations is provided below.


Project Name Project Holder Funding
Marodijeh Upper Catchment Soil and Water Conservation Ministry of Agriculture 4,912,714
Livestock Holding Ground (LHG) Project Ministry of Livestock 4,491,690
Capacity Building for Sustainable Rangeland and Forest Management Ministry of Environment and Rural Development 2,346,020
Construction of Hora Hadley Wellfield & Ayaha 1&2 Settlement Water Supply System Hargeisa Water Agency 12,158,814
Water Resources Development Somaliland Ministry of Water Resources 7,251,187
Lafaruk - Berbera - Sheikh Rehabilitation Project Roads Development Agency 10,440,149
Communications Hub Project: Increased Citizen Awareness of Government Development Priorities, Activities and Expenditure Ministry of National Planning and Development  1,237,660
Kalabayd - Dilla Road Rehabilitation Roads Development Agency  2,356,776
Development of Land Policy Ministry of National Planning and Development  800,230
Sool and Sanaag - Health Project Ministry of Health  5,766,661
Sool and Sanaag - Education Project Ministry of Education  4,971,709
Strengthening Fisheries Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources 1,737,464
JSC Management Joint Steering Committee 499,727
Project Preparation Facility Joint Steering Committee 50,606
Total   59,021,477
UK Aid

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark English Std Rgb 4102
kingdom of the netherlands

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