Implementation modalities

The SDF2 recognizes the principles of government ownership and alignment with government systems and therefore opts for government-led implementation of projects. However, external control will be maintained through the Fund Manager who is responsible for the day-to-day management and administration of the Fund. The implementation modalities for projects are outlined in the SDF Operational Guidelines.

Fund Manager: The Fund Manager will represent the SDF2 and act as Contracting Authority and provides oversight on the implementation of projects implemented by Project Holders on behalf of the JSC. The Fund Manager also manages all procurement activities related to the implementation of the projects including contracting of Implementing Partners and manage all financial management activities related to the implementation of the projects including payments to Implementing Partners

Project Holders: The Ministries and Agencies will act as Project Holders, responsible for managing the project on behalf of GoSL. Specifically, the Project Holder will implement the project according to the provisions stated in the approval letter and project proposal, and in line with these Operational Guidelines and related manuals and frameworks approved by the JSC and provide the day-to-day management of the project including management of Implementing Partners.

Implementing Partners: Projects will require a range of implementing partners for the provision of services, goods and works. Implementing Partners will be sourced on a competitive basis as a default position, and may consist of private sector, non-state entities or UN-agencies.